Fort Stewart Housing and Military PCS Moves

Fort Stewart Housing and Military PCS Moves

Young military families receiving PCS orders to Fort Stewart know they'll be setting roots in a coastal Georgia community, but may be uncertain how to make that happen.

Our PCS Pro Team can help! Our experts possess decades of PCSing expertise, and they're available to ensure you find the ideal housing and support during your relocation.

Hinesville and Savannah Georgia

Hinesville and Savannah, Georgia are small but mighty communities with plenty of family-friendly housing. Plus, the cost of living here is moderate and reasonably priced – making them appealing to many families looking for a home near Fort Stewart.

Fort Stewart is a major military armored power projection platform on the eastern seaboard of America that allows Army units in the region to deploy quickly around the world. Situated in Liberty County, Georgia, it's the largest installation east of the Mississippi River.

With a population of over 10,000, this community offers an inviting atmosphere and warm welcome. It boasts numerous amenities for its citizens, such as parks, a historic downtown area, and even a golf course!

The local economy is strong, offering plenty of job opportunities for those in search of work. Furthermore, the city boasts an array of retail stores and dining establishments to choose from.

For those seeking a break from work, the area offers plenty of cultural activities. For instance, Seabrook Village – an historic center where freedmen settled – has its own living history museum where visitors can view eight turn-of-the century houses. Other historical sites worth exploring include Seabrook Gardens and Seabrook Village itself, all located close together in the city.

One of the major difficulties when relocating to an area like this is finding a suitable home. Military families have several housing options available, such as single-family homes, apartments and condominiums.

Families will find several military-specific neighborhoods in the area, such as Marne Homes and Southern Oaks.

These communities provide single-family homes for military families in sizes ranging from two to four bedrooms. All are walkable and offer plenty of amenities for children and pets.

In addition to Fort Stewart housing, there are also plenty of civilian neighborhoods just a short drive away. Furthermore, there are military-friendly daycares and preschools in the area as well as schools for kids of all ages.

Professional movers in the area can assist with your move to Fort Stewart. These companies provide packing services, transporting furniture and other household items to their destination, and more. With years of experience under their belts, these seasoned professionals ensure your relocation goes as smoothly as possible.

Military PCS Moves

PCS (permanent change of station) moves are among the most challenging and common military transitions. They involve shipping household goods around the world, followed by an exhausting packout process before receiving belongings weeks or months later at their new residence.

The Army is working to reduce PCS moves and streamline the move-out and delivery process for troops. To make it simpler for soldiers to relocate their families, they have increased reimbursement rates for movers so more soldiers can opt to have them handle their relocation needs.

Navigating the moving process can be daunting, especially when you don't know where to begin or what to expect. Here are some tips for managing stress during your next military transfer:

Begin by making a list of everything you need and want before the move. This could include anything from paper plates and air mattresses to clothing and toiletries for your new residence.

Keep those lists organized in a binder so they're easily accessible during the move. Doing this prevents you from having to fiddle with files while packing up.

It is essential to have a binder with all of your PCS paperwork, such as moving receipts, travel claims and contact information for the military. These details will be necessary in submitting your move-out claim or filing any claims for damage to or loss of household goods.

Another essential item to have on hand is your Household Goods inventory. This will enable you to monitor your items while traveling and guarantee the movers have an accurate list of belongings so they can accurately ship them off to your new residence.

If you're a military family, there are numerous resources to assist with your PCS. The Department of Defense's Family Readiness System offers various programs and services to ease the strains associated with military transfer.

Fort Stewart staff is always ready to answer questions and offer assistance, but you also have access to local communities for support. Many military towns have organizations that offer counseling and social support for military families.

Frustrations of Relocating

Before making a commitment to move with your military family, take time to do some research and become acquainted with the area. Think about the pros and cons of living on or off base, what schools will be close by, whether you're in a city, how much it will cost you, as well as nearby attractions.

Furthermore, the logistics of a permanent change of station (PCS) move can be overwhelming and it's easy to overlook important details that could make or break your experience. From missing items to delayed shipping, there are many things that could go awry during your relocation.

It's essential to know that the Department of Defense has numerous programs and policies in place that address some of the more challenging aspects of PCS. These include assistance for transferring child care/education, occupational licensure requirements, and more.

Moving frequently remains a major challenge for service members and their families. It can put strain on budgets, lead to financial insecurity and place immense stress on military spouses.

One major concern is the quality of military housing. After stories emerged about private companies failing to maintain homes for soldiers, lawmakers have called on the Pentagon to address these issues.

For instance, Balfour Beatty was found in court documents to have violated military contract requirements by failing to fulfill work orders. Instead of fixing problems that affected residents, Beatty would charge them extra fees or fine them if they reported mold, rodent infestations or other problems.

Fort Stewart and other bases have long suffered from this systemic issue, so Congress needs to step in and fix it. In 2019, the House passed a bill that requires the Pentagon to implement 18 points of measures designed to enhance military housing quality.

The Senate also has a package in place that addresses this problem and could go a long way toward solving it. It includes a military feedback tool for service members and their families to rate housing quality, giving them more negotiating power with private companies.

Finding a New Home

Relocating to a new home can be an arduous process, so it's essential that you are informed and well prepared. Our team of military-based experts can guide you through every step of the PCS move process and connect you with an experienced local realtor who meets your requirements.

No matter if you're moving to Fort Stewart or any other city in Georgia, we have the perfect tools for making your move simpler. Our online marketplace helps you identify and compare the top local movers in your area, then book them securely online within five minutes!

We offer moving tips and advice to get you started on your move. Plus, take advantage of our moving calculator to estimate how much it will cost, with real-time pricing from a network of top local movers.

One of the most frequently asked questions from military families is where to find a new home. Fortunately, there are plenty of great options available in and around Fort Stewart.

First and foremost, begin searching for a neighborhood that suits your family's lifestyle and preferences. Many communities provide various floor plans as well as amenities tailored to individual requirements.

Next, you must find a home that fits within your budget and expectations. Fort Stewart boasts some of the most budget-friendly housing in America.

Choose from 401 new construction homes, all offering different sizes and price points to fit your family's budget and style. Some feature first-story master bedrooms, spacious three-car garages and open floor plans that will wow everyone in the room.

Our team of specialists can assist you in finding a home that meets both your requirements and budget. So if you're ready to find your ideal residence in Fort Stewart, contact us today!

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Fort Stewart Housing and Military PCS Moves Young military families receiving PCS orders to Fort Stewart know they'll be setting roots in a coastal Georgia community, but may be uncertain how to make that happen. Our PCS Pro Team can help! Our experts possess decades of PCSing expertise, and they're available to ensure you find…